If so, you need a roadmap. I’ll show you how to go from no idea, skills or money to a successful permaculture farm in just five years. Just click that big green button below.

There are a lot of voices in Permaculture and sustainable agriculture these days, but I’ve never found one more reliable, insightful and useful as William Horvath and Permaculture Apprentice. The way that he connects the dots from a wide variety of progressive practices such as holistic grazing, food forestry, keyline earthworks and many more, can only come from someone who has put them into practice through experimentation and constant observation.

Oliver Goshey

Author, Consultant, Natural Builder

Regenerative Skills

Williams content is a “go to” resource for anyone wanting to build freedom for themselves by establishing their own self-reliant systems. In my opinion, he is overly generous with his all-inclusive, hands-on, step-by-step instructional material. Any contribution, whether it be time, money, and/or energy for his information, will certainly yield 10-100Xs your investment.

Justin Rhodes

Film producer, author, teacher 

Abundant Permaculture

If you need serious and thoughtful help on planning your homestead, look to William for the answers. Don't mess around. Let him teach you and you'll grow like you've never grown before.

David The Good


The Survival Gardener


I’m William Horvath, geologist turned permaculture farmer. In the last few years I’ve transitioned from working for the man and being trapped in the consumer-driven system to spending my days on my permaculture farm and doing my bit in restoring the landscape to the beauty we once took for granted.

I left my secure and well-paid job to pursue a more meaningful and resilient life because I believe the best way to ensure an abundant future for myself and my family is by starting a permaculture farm and playing an active role in providing for our needs.

My dream is to create a lush green landscape with acres of ponds and fully-established, mature food forest, produce an abundance of food and resources, and eventually be able to sustain myself and my family financially from the farm.

Although I have not reached all of my permaculture lifestyle goals yet, I have taken significant steps toward a better future, and I am pleased to share those practical steps with you...

I don’t consider myself to be a permaculture guru, I’m still working through many of the same issues just the same as you. Think of me like Tim Ferris for farmers, I take complex permaculture subjects, research them and learn from the best, test them out for myself, and then deconstruct everything I learned into simple yet practical step-by-step guides.

This way you don’t have to endlessly search the Internet, waste time on the things that don’t work and eventually end up feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there…

Over 200,000 people read the website every year (1 million+ website visitors in the last 5 years), and more than 36,000 have signed up to our newsletter.

I’ve helped thousands of people live a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. And they were able to go from absolute beginnings to implementing the first practical steps in establishing their dream lifestyle.

All of the research I’ve conducted over the years has led me to develop a simple process that I used to design and implement permaculture on my farm - and one that I continue to use today in my consultation work.

Today I want to share this process with you.

Want to learn how to go from no idea, skills or money to a successful permaculture farm in just five years? Just click that big green button below.



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