Want to Grow More Apples With Less Inputs and Effort ?

(Good! Grab a copy of my free Apple Guild Recipes for companion plants that will help your apple trees grow) 

FREE Apple Guild Recipes, which include:

  • Four tried-and-tested apple guild recipes (permaculture companion planting) to choose from so that you save 1-2 hours off the “hmm let me google which plants grow well together”
  • Real-life examples of guild implementation from the world's best permaculturists (so that you can see what works in the real world vs permaculture theory)

  • Quick instructions on what guild to choose based on your context that will instantly put $200 in your pocket (If you were only to plant five $40 fruit trees that you bought from the nursery, and they die on you, that’s a $200 loss right there! And that’s just five fruit trees - for your food forest you’ll need hundreds of trees, shrubs, other perennials

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You are the most credible and straight-talking pro in the Permaculture field. In my journey, I have read or seen material from nearly every Permaculture pro there is and it’s either attempts to impress, attempts to sell their services, too long-winded with presentations or plain waffle. Stay real and we’ll have someone we can learn from.

- Greg T.

 Funny I often regret signing up for newsletters and feel rather harassed and bored by them - However I look forwards to receiving yours

- Amber R.

You have helped me fill in the gaps on permaculture planning and design. So much permaculture is focused on theory or driving to a PDC, that real world application seems to be limited. But you have filled in those gaps.

- Scott

Reading your newsletter gives me hope and allows me to dream, which is no small gift. And it reminds me that our dreams change our lives in ways we don't expect.

- Elisabeth H.

Permaculture Apprentice has changed how I eat and increased my love for gardening, plants, and nature as a whole.

- Yongoikyo K.

I enjoy your emails to the Permaculture Apprentice community. You are such an awesome human being. I am glad you are around. I'm pretty sure God is watching over you.

- Allison S.

I love your emails. I love the honesty in them; the heartfelt sentiment, but most of all I just enjoy reading about you, your plans, dreams, goals. You share what others are thinking, dreaming of, doing or about to do.

- Lesley T.

Your email has always kept me thinking positive and moving on well with my permaculture life and dream. Through reading your emails, the flame of hope in my heart has remained on and hoping that one day I will be having that permaculture farm that I really desire to put up soon :)! Please don't think twice to always share with me those beautiful thoughts and ideas, we can make a difference from sharing :)!

- Nyero C.

Just wanted to say that I absolutely Look forward to receiving your newsletters and emails. I have truly learnt a lot from all the Information you share. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for all the efforts you put into this.

- Mansha V.

Permaculture Apprentice has been an essential tool for my journey into designing and implementing my systems in my plot and into understanding permaculture in a structured but easy way!

- Xana R.

Your writing has improved life for not just me, but also my husband, 30 ish dairy goats, 7 chickens, 1 dog, 1 cat, a bazillion other living things, trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, forbs, feral bees, butterflies, moths and creeping bugs I would rather not think about, the soil, and the river, because erosion and runoff are minimized....Thank you very much for what you do.

- TK O'Hara.

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