Want to Create a Food Forest and Grow 3-5X More Food with Less Maintenance Compared to Conventional Gardening?

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FREE Food Forest Starter Pack, which includes:

  • How to create a food forest: step-by-step implementation checklist
  • Site-Survey Checklist: how to “read the landscape” and analyse your site
  • 5 plug-and-play Permaculture Guild examples you can copy and recreate in your food forest
  • The exact Layout Planning Guide I used when establishing my food forest


 Funny I often regret signing up for newsletters and feel rather harassed and bored by them - However I look forwards to receiving yours

- Amber R.

Mr. Horvath I have been following you for a while and I have bought a few programs under my other email address. I want to thank you for providing value in your emails!! You really really care about improving the probability of good outcomes for your community and I want to thank you. You are doing such great work and have saved me hours of research and years of mistakes. THANK YOU. You are making a big impact on ^everyone^ by helping some of us move forward more quickly.

- Amanda P.

I just wanted to pass along a thanks for the quality content of Permaculture Apprentice. Even though I've been designing, learning and installing regenerative systems both in urban and rural environments for close to 15 years, I still like to refresh myself on the basics and always be adding to my knowledge and skill set. Your site and works are pretty much my go-to when I need to do that. It's really appreciated.

- Kerry B.

Thank you so much William for the work that you do, for supporting us and inspiring us to make steps in the realization of our permaculture dreams.
It is so much appreciated, and thank you so much for making the knowledge and information accessible to us the way you do. It inspires me to contribute and give back to people around me and the community. 

- Charles-Antoine B.

The organization I work for is doing a demonstration project about agroforestry and climate resilience. Part of the project will be about soil enhancement techniques, like amending with mycorrhizae and biochar. Your website provides excellent information. We'll be incorporating a lot of it into our educational program about the practice of creating your own beneficial fungi ecosystem. Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing.

- Michele W.

...Add me to your mailing list. As a climate change educator, I’m helping people re-green wherever they can. Your approach is so straightforward and valuable, I’d like to pass it on. Many thanks.

- Jamie T.

I'm not sure how much feedback you get from your email subscribers so I wanted to convey my thanks for the information that you send. I've only been receiving them for a week or so and it all ready it has all been inspirational and useful information, thanks very much.

- Mark J.

Your email has always kept me thinking positive and moving on well with my permaculture life and dream. Through reading your emails, the flame of hope in my heart has remained on and hoping that one day I will be having that permaculture farm that I really desire to put up soon :)! Please don't think twice to always share with me those beautiful thoughts and ideas, we can make a difference from sharing :)!

- Nyero C.

Just wanted to say that I absolutely Look forward to receiving your newsletters and emails. I have truly learnt a lot from all the Information you share. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for all the efforts you put into this.

- Mansha V.

Thanks for such a wonderful resource, the knowledge you are sharing.
I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful treasure trove of information. I am looking to buy a five acre block - in Australia with rocks, sand and drought! There will be challenges but it feels like 'the one' I am looking forward to the challenge of revegetating and helping it to flourish.

I found your articles on managing and guiding the water on your land and reading the land extremely helpful. Your descriptions gave me many profound visualisations and insights.

- Rachel B.

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