Calculate How Much Land You Actually Need To Be Self-Reliant:
(Permaculture Calculator + Free Training)

Verify exactly how much land you need for your permaculture farm or homestead without having to search for this data on the internet and do calculations on your own. Give this 30 minutes, and you’ll walk out with concrete numbers to help you find the right type of land:

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This is your chance to get things moving in the right direction

The road to finding the right type of land is littered with what-ifs… and I am not a fan of litter in the garden if it’s not compostable, so let me help you with one of your what-ifs.

What if you mess up the calculations and don’t get enough land for your needs and then can’t be self-reliant as you envisioned it?

What if you carry on searching for land haphazardly, relying only on your gut and your realtor, hoping that you don’t end up buying something you’ll regret?

What if you, to the best of your abilities, assess the potential property and miss something very important that will come back to haunt you down the road?

You can slay the what-ifs, the doubts, the “will I ever be able to do this,” and it starts with a simple choice.

You can choose to go through this free training + calculator that will show you what to do and reveal precisely how much land you’ll need to be self-reliant. Then you can confidently start searching for properties that meet your criterion.

This is your chance to get clarity and have answers that are practical and straightforward!

I rest my case.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m William Horvath, a permaculture designer, farmer, and creator of Permaculture Apprentice.

I’ve helped thousands of people seeking to start a permaculture property and live a permaculture lifestyle. So I know firsthand that finding the land on which to start your permaculture farm or homestead can be a very daunting task…

There are a myriad of important factors you’ll need to consider, and if you miscalculate any of these, you could end up with the wrong type of land in the wrong place. Potentially throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain.

The harsh truth is that finding land takes foresight - you’ll need to assess the land’s permaculture potential and, in effect, its ability to fulfill your goals BEFORE you buy it, not after you acquire it.

That’s why I’m big on developing systems that will help you evaluate your land-based goals and the land itself - even if you don’t have any permaculture expertise.

And today, I’m going to teach you how to use them too:

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The permaculture land size calculator + free training you’re downloading are premium material extracted from my Finding Land course. Check out what others have said about our paid programmes to get a sense of the calibre of the material you’re downloading for free:

There are a lot of voices in Permaculture and sustainable agriculture these days, but I’ve never found one more reliable, insightful and useful as William Horvath and Permaculture Apprentice. The way that he connects the dots from a wide variety of progressive practices such as holistic grazing, food forestry, keyline earthworks and many more, can only come from someone who has put them into practice through experimentation and constant observation.

Oliver Goshey

Author, Consultant, Natural Builder

Regenerative Skills

Williams content is a “go to” resource for anyone wanting to build freedom for themselves by establishing their own self-reliant systems. In my opinion, he is overly generous with his all-inclusive, hands-on, step-by-step instructional material. Any contribution, whether it be time, money, and/or energy for his information, will certainly yield 10-100Xs your investment.

Justin Rhodes

Film producer, author, teacher 

Abundant Permaculture

If you need serious and thoughtful help on planning your homestead, look to William for the answers. Don't mess around. Let him teach you and you'll grow like you've never grown before.

David The Good


The Survival Gardener

We are looking to purchase land to farmstead. We have very little experience with purchasing real estate, let alone raw land for our permaculture dreams. I wanted to make sure we don’t make a huge mistake in a purchase that we would eventually regret.

With a limited budget and a crazy real estate market, I want us to stay as clear eyed as possible and make sure we have guiding principles to keep us on the right path. [This training] was worth it!

John V.

Finding Land Course graduate

William is there for me when I have questions or concerns.

Denise W.

Finding Land Course graduate

Finding Land Course is a practical how-to. It is not all just about theories and information that can only be used for remembering but can translate to something substantial that can truly benefit the aspiring or permaculturist realistically.  I would also mention that everything is in a nutshell and it is not difficult to understand and put into practice, whether novice or seasoned permaculturist.

Dat T.

Finding Land Course graduate

I have learned so much and have already been able to apply my learning to "weeding" out properties to buy.

Rhonda M.

Finding Land Course graduate

I’m roughly halfway through the course and I already got a good deal of what I want to get out of the course, which is the quantification of the criteria for making decisions about purchasing land. Also, that resource guide ROCKS!”

Denise W.

Finding Land Course graduate

With this course I plan to lay the groundwork for finding a piece of land. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start your research, but this course appears to have very clear steps and guidelines for the exploration and assessment of sites. I plan to utilize this course as the anchor that helps turn ideas into plans.

Alex D.

Finding Land Course graduate

I am loving all the spreadsheets in the Finding Land Course which help me to finally put a value on certain qualities.
So thank you for making it!

Jessica P.

Finding Land Course graduate

If you want to buy land but are feeling completely lost and unprepared, this course will give you the practical information and confidence needed to start your endeavor. I watched all the videos and read all the written stuff. I feel like I have enough information now to “wing it” if I had to. It also feels good to know that I can reach out to William and the community he has created when I have questions along the way.”

Allison C.

Finding Land Course graduate

The best part of the course was that it was not simply some videos and lectures put online but one had continuous access to the course instructor/course maker who was always available to help one in need. This increased my motivation and in the end I achieved what I had set out to achieve and now I am comfortably placed in the next level of detailed design.

Thank you William for all your help and support. I recommend this course to all those who are struggling with the details as this is the short version of a longer more arduous journey.

Arshad Malik

re William’s Permaculture Design course

Loving the course! Your system is fantastic for pulling it all together and plugging the gaps. Love the site assessment spreadsheet, it's brilliant. All the worksheets are fantastic actually and make the process very simple and effective to work through. Also the way you have collated all the tools and resources together for us is MASSIVE timesaver. I've spent hours looking around in the past trying to find the tools we need to get our land info

Jannie Ogg

re William’s Permaculture Design course

I've been following William for a few years now and am so grateful to him for all the work he's done putting this together. He, Joel Salatin and of course the late Bill M and his trusty right hand man Geoff L have been my guru's ever since I started studying Permaculture and other forms of sustainable systems. Thanks for letting me in.

Steve V.

re William’s Permaculture Design course

William genuinely cares about what he teaches because he practices what he preaches. If you are permaculture farming on any scale, or at least thinking about it, it is worth your while to look over this! (...).

Nathan G.

re William’s Permaculture Implementation course

Dear William,

I am going to start crying over how beautiful your calendars are, they are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

Eric G. B.

re William’s Permaculture Implementation course

Ultimately I bought the course for all of the resources it provides, particularly the selection scoring charts and the assessment protocols. The resources seem very thorough and well-researched - there's no doubt you put a lot of work into this course. I appreciate the systematic style and believe it to be very helpful when trying to purchase something with a wide range of conditions like a piece of land. It also appears to be quite comprehensive, which makes my life easier by significantly reducing research hours. I want to make sure I don't miss anything, and I want to make the "best" decision possible, so I am very pleased to have this course.

Alex D.

Finding Land Course graduate

If you’re the kind of person whose mind is all over the place when looking for land, then this course will help give you structure.
The google doc materials are very helpful, especially the sheets. Workbooks too, but sheets give you a quick glance to find exactly the one you need.

Linda J.

Finding Land Course graduate

[Finding Land Course] helps me organize my thoughts so I can zero in on both what I want to accomplish and what I will need in order to do that.  It brings up important considerations I hadn't thought of yet, things which could be very expensive if I neglected to consider them.

Sue D.

Finding Land Course graduate

[Finding Land Course] is a broad-spectrum roadmap to finding the right piece of land without the danger of tripping over the many obvious and also hidden obstacles.

Being guided through the ins and outs, the why and why not, the best and worst reasons for making decisions, and an arsenal of checklists to narrow down the field so you can feel confident in taking that definitive step towards your own piece of paradise.

Steve V.

Finding Land Course graduate

It really resonated with me to hear of the lifetime access, and that it’s suitable for people who have no idea how many years it might take before they can even begin to start looking for land. Also, the vast amount of detail that the course promises is really attractive to me, it looks like a fantastic resource.

Mark A.

Finding Land Course graduate

Re: how much land do you need calculator — excellent mainframe info, very concise. I really appreciate your thorough organization of these considerations

John C.

Finding Land Course graduate

I completed all the modules in the Finding Land Course! It is so thoughtful and well organized. I appreciate the detail and heart that went into designing and building it. It comes across how much you care about people avoiding costly mistakes.

So thank you for making it!

Kailua M.

Finding Land Course graduate

It’s the bargain of the century

Kristi A.

Finding Land Course graduate

I live in northern California and I am buying a parcel of land in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa. After the “Finding Land Course,” I was confident enough to further my research on finding a piece of land. I bought 50 acres which are about a 2-hour drive from the capital city with good road access. I am in the final phase of the paperwork with the government.

Rachel D.

Finding Land Course graduate

I took the Finding Land Course, which I believe after 4 years of constant search led us to find our recent homestead site on the Oregon Coast.

Gabrielle C.

Finding Land Course graduate

William has put together a comprehensive system. Many examples, videos, tools and worksheets come with the course that allowed me to hit the ground running. His personal guidance and very fast turnaround time when answering emails are amazing. The amount of time he invests to answer questions personally shows how much he loves what he's doing

Michael Sprenger

re William’s Permaculture Design course

I think there is a lot of value in working with William. Especially if you are just starting out, but even if you have tried some of these steps on your own, projects can always be clearer. I came out with more confidence in what I had already identified, but also clarified details on what I had not yet figured out.

Consuming material on these subjects is one thing, but talking about it with someone who has experience is a whole different level. When I can ask questions and it's all about my property, as opposed to learning something generally and then trying to apply it to my situation, it's much easier and quicker to get moving forward.

Darren Flood

re William’s consultations

My husband Bob and I have finished your course and were very impressed with the details provided and the amount of materials that was included. We learned a lot and felt it was well worth the price and the time spent learning the material

We didn't realize there was so much that we didn't know about farming and laying out the proper plans and designs. We are so thankful for your course. I'm sure we won't do everything right but I know you have saved us a lot of mistakes and headaches.

Thanks again. Your course was a fun project for us and kept us talking and thinking about it for the last couple of months. I have really helped us clarify our goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Bob & Marie Hart

re William’s Permaculture Design course

This is probably the best organized and most instructionally sound training in the domain that I've seen. I can also say the guides formatted well with robust quality for a beginner gardener.

David M.

re William’s Permaculture Implementation course

I bought the course because I've taken other courses from Mr. Horvath and knew that the course materials and resources would be of high quality - and useful. Future access to the materials helped a lot. Importantly, William is there for me when I have questions or concerns.

Denise W


I have taken 6 different classes, and hold 5 PDC's. Yes they are all good in their own way. Your course did not leave me with more questions than answers. I felt confident and didn't get stuck in analysis paralysis. Which was common for the other classes.

I wish I had taken yours first. It was the best for giving information in a simple easy fast way to understand. Gave all the information needed to get started with hands on right away. No fluff just straight forward down to business. Even hubby who was a newbie knew very little about permaculture and has learning disabilities with very limited time to put in loved it. He got it. Understood and wanted to continue. He had tried other courses they just didn't work at all for him. That right there says a lot.

Sure there are other classes and books that can go into a much deeper microscopic level with mind numbing detail and a much higher price tag. I don't think we can ever stop learning and that has its place. However, in times like these I think it's much more important to get exactly what you need so you can quickly get hands out in the soil and start working no matter what your experience level is. Up and running in a few months vs yrs is awesome.

For anyone who wants confidence to get up and running, and save time and money with less stress: hands down your programs and teaching style delivers all of that and more. Both for newbies and someone who has some background. I would highly recommend [William’s courses].

Danelle Downer

re William’s Permaculture Implementation Programme

Calculate How Much Land You Actually Need To Be Self-Reliant:
(Permaculture Calculator + Free Training)

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